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Advisory Report

This report is auto generated by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (the government agency which implements BER) and contains standard advice on insulation and draught proofing. It is mandatory for BER assessors to include the Advisory Report with every BER cert issued.

If the report says the property "does not have 100% draught stripping" this normally refers to the attic hatch only. It does not refer to the windows unless they are the very old single glazed type. Any double or triple glazed windows would have draught stripping built in to the window frame by the manufacturer. The BER surveyor does not examine the effectiveness of seals on windows, the survey only establishes whether or not this draught stripping is present. If you feel that some of your windows are draughty, it is possible to buy replacement rubber seals for most windows, or to arrange for a window installer to fit new seals. However it is more likely that the frame is warped (if wood frames) or the hinges need adjusting (if PVC frames) Both of these conditions can lead to gaps developing between the opening and the fixed part of the frame, which are too big for the seals to cope with.

The report will mention "U-values" which are a technical measurement of the insulation value assigned to the different parts of the structure of your building. It will typically say that the insulation in the floors, walls and roof "can be improved". It will say this even when the insulation is relatively standard and adequate by comparison with most houses. This is because the report benchmarks against the very latest building regulations, which are the 2019 Near Zero Energy Building Regs. So although this is an unfair comparison for older properties, it is the same process for everyone.
This advice should not be taken as being advice from the BER assessor that any upgrade work should be done, or needs to be done.
If the house is going up for sale, it is very unlikely that structural work on the property would be cost-effective. Any prospective buyer will have their own plans and ideas, for what they might want to do. In general it is best to simply clear out the house and brighten it up with a coat of magnolia paint. If there is a garden, any overgrown bushes should be removed or severely pruned, just to enhance the sense of space. An empty house and garden always looks a lot bigger than a cluttered one.
Estate agents will give further advice and tips on what to do when preparing a property for sale or rent.


About Us

Enrate was founded in 2009 by Clive Dalby to provide an energy rating service for residential dwellings. With over 20 years experience in construction and a particular interest in the emerging renewable "green" technologies, Clive is well placed to advise on how best to make the cost effective improvements to your property which will save you money. Sales and marketing are handled by Eithne Dalby. Enrate is fully accredited and registered with SEI, and a member of the BER Assessors Association of Ireland.

We are committed to providing a quality impartial service which will address the individual requirements of each client.

The Enrate promise; Your time is valuable; we will always get there for an appointment.



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Privacy Policy

Any information submitted by you will not be shared with any third party, except for data collected pertaining to a completed BER assessment which will become the property of Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI) which is the issuing authority for BER Certificates. The BER result or grade only (being represented by a letter on a scale of A - G) which appears on the BER Certificate and the advisory report will be published on the SEI National Database and will be accessible to the public on the SEI website.